About us

“St. Arch. Michael” is a professional studio for Christian art. We create icons with experience in church iconography and frescoes. We support and develop traditional Christian art based on the memory and traditions of our ancestors.

The icons are mainly written in traditional classical byzantine technology egg tempera. Hot and cold events ic, wax-casein temper, fresco, and others are also used.

We use different gold application technologies, from traditional polishing with agate based on Polyment, Cologne gildingto be more modern, with an oil and synthetic mix. The Gold is 23.5 K. We use only high-quality golden leaves from established brands.

The formats of the icons are determined by the theme and composition and according to your desire.

We organize annual courses in catechism, history and technology of art, perspective, construction, painting and color science, font, and calligraphy. We are preparing candidates for middle and high art schools.

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What our clients say

This is the first custom made icon I’ve ever purchased and I’ve had the most excellent experience. The icon is exceptional, the artist is amazing, very talented, passionate and devoted. The icon was blessed! It was wonderfully packaged. I feel blessed, and it’s truly special. Thank you, Milen

Hetal / Etsy

Previously, I ordered an icon of Archangel Michael, which was made with the highest skill (please, see Milen’s web page on Etsy). After receiving this icon, I ordered the icons of Holy Myrrhbearer and Equal to the Apostles St. Mary Magdalene and the icon of Christ Pantocrator – both based on historical icons. This order was also executed with the highest craftsmanship. I want to express my deep gratitude to Milen for his work.

Mike / Etsy